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Studio portrait of African Rastafarian male enjoys music in headphones and smoking weed.

How to get weed smell out of a car?

How to get weed smell out of a car? 1. Ozium The best technique to eliminate the weed odor from your car is by far …


Top 3 ways to trick a Monkey!

How to trick a Monkey? 1. Begin by having your monkey in a position where they are likely to be alone.  This can be done …

Hand holding a wireless headphones open case above a macbook laptop and iphone

How to find your lost Air Pods case?

How to find your lost AirPods case? You might need a bit of luck here. First, an important question, does Find My Airpods track the …


How to respond to what’s up?

1. Just the usual, and you? Let’s begin with the simplest response, “Just the usual, and you?” This shows that you want to lead the …

Man cover his groin by hands. Men's health. Urology problems male

How long does it take to pee after drinking water?

The time it takes to pee after drinking water depends on various factors. How long does it take to pee after drinking water? After consuming …

Young boy student runs fast to escape from school. Yellow background

Top 5 tips to skip School

Below are some genius ways to skip high school, middle school, or any other school.  1. Adjust the time on the alarm clock Most people …

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